Some Cool Benefits of Frugal Living Part II


While consumerism has taken toll on our society by bringing to us all the negative effects such as pollution and global warming etc., frugal living serves as a neutralizer to it. Previously, this idea was a great option but now, it has become more of a necessity in the modern society.

If you’re wondering how one could possibly benefit from giving up luxuries of life for which most people crave, this article becomes a must read. Continuing from where we left last time, here are some more amazing benefits of frugal living.

It Makes You Generous

The core purpose of frugal living is saving money. It is amazing to see how much a person can save with just cutting off some unneeded expenses. Hence, there are massive positive impacts of frugality on a family budget. Apart from saving it for yourself, it allows you to donate generously to the needy ones in the society.

As for now, since frugality has not become a widely accepted idea, there are no facts and figures telling us how frugality might have impacted social services but a general idea is that it will help the poor people in a good way. With time, you might even think of starting an NGO of your own with the money you saved through this form of living.

Peace of Mind

Apart from the financial and physical advantages of frugal living, there is something which is far more important and that is our inner peace. When you happily give up the idea of a giant screen LCD TV or the newest model coupe’ for your family, you won’t be tempted by such belongings of your neighbors or relatives anymore. You will be more concerned about inner happiness rather than the one because of materialism.

The stress we take about our belongings is substantially large and frugal living gives us a chance of breaking this stress once in for all. It acts as a mental therapy and you are always at peace in your heart because you made the decision yourself.

The One for Humanity

We saved the best for the last. Frugal living is nothing but a gift to humanity.  With all its environmental and psychological advantages, the best of the lot is that frugal living allows you to get closer to humanity. It allows you to understand how a person who is forced to live in a way that you opted for, spends his or her days and nights.

Hence, it makes you humbler and more dedicated towards humanity. You are more willing to listen to and address the situations and problems of the poor ones because you are able to feel what they go through. Not only humans, it may also tempt you to sympathize for stray animals and you might find yourself filling in a water tub everyday for some wild dogs and cats. Hence, frugal living is just a beautiful shade of humanity.

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  1. It’s hard to find well-informed folks on this issue, but you sound like
    you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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