Homestead; Why?


Homesteading is one of the more common attraction these days and the urban and sub urban population has been heading in its direction more than ever before. A lot of people start homesteading just as a hobby and try their luck with growing vegetables and farming animals.

However, have you ever wondered why only homesteading? Why has it become such an important trend that it keeps on intriguing more people as we speak. Why would a person who has a decent enough job to earn and buy grocery from the market will try growing his or her own food? What’s so good about dirtying your hands with cow dungs and chicken poop? You will get all your answers here today.

Human- Nature Relationship

In this world where we talk a lot about religion, politics, social affairs, books and literature where we waste our time gossiping about other people, there is very little time given to discuss the relation between us humans and nature. Considering how important an aspect it is to our lives, homesteading allows you to get closer to nature learn some vital dynamics related to it.

Homesteading is More than a Hobby

You might think of homesteading as just another leisure time activity and it could be just that for you. Well, there is nothing wrong with homesteading just for fun but if you look at it from another perspective, it will appear more than just a time pass activity. A lot of people have now taken up homesteading as their means of income.

You will find people who have completely changed their lifestyles after having taken up homesteading. Their backyards have turned into beautiful gardens and farms where they grow what they like and tend their animals.

Unlikely Acquaintances

While homesteading, you will find yourself becoming friends with these little creatures of which you didn’t think too highly in the past. Homesteading takes you that one inch closer to nature where you are able to understand how lucky you are to be able to watch one of the many wonders of nature evolving and flourishing right before your eyes.


Growing your own food will make you more self-sufficient and there will be lesser dependency on outside products. You won’t be needing to make those urgent market trips every once in a while as you are able to eat your favorite food almost any time you like.

Health Benefits

There is no comparison of a freshly picked vegetable or a fruit with the ones available in the market. Quite understandably, homesteading will upgrade your lifestyle and make it healthier. If you are one of those concerned individuals who are always looking for an excuse to avoid industrial products and processed food, homesteading is just the right option for you to accommodate in your backyard farm.

Understand Life

With homesteading, the best part you get is that you learn about life in a different and somewhat challenging way. It opens upon you some amazing secrets which people are normally unaware of and if you are wondering what those secrets are, you better try homesteading for yourself.

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