Say Goodbye to Stress with Urban Farming


Karen Washington, co founder of Black Urban Growers told The Root that you stick your hands in the soil, you feel life. She could not be anymore right as there is something unique and earthy about putting your hands in dirt and then growing something fresh and beautiful out of it. According to Statistic Brain, a whopping 77% of Americans experience stress and 76% attribute work and money as the biggest cause of stress. People working and living in cities are generally stressed out due to a number of reasons. They deal with pressure at work and they are always troubled with unending bills and expenses. There is no doubt that where we have created so many avenues for comfort we have equally also created reasons for stress.

Urban farming can serve as great stress reliever and can provide people with an opportunity to divert their minds away from the troubles of city life. Although we urban farming enthusiast like to speak about the food sufficiency and reliability as a major cause of urban farming, many farmers simply farm because they want to break out of their stressful routine.

Better Mental Health

Growing vegetables may seem like just another job but it has the ability to change a person’s mood. In fact, a study conducted in the Netherlands found out that farming is a better stress reliever than many other activities. Farming, especially, in urban areas can be a bit of a challenge and that is where this activity occupies your brain in a positive way. You start to think about how to go about building your garden and what to grow. It is a positive thinking cycle that activates your brain and improves your mood significantly.

Physical Work

People spend hours doing sedentary work and are faced with serious fatigue which then transforms into depression. Gardening requires some physical work and that is a good exercise. You have to dig, carry, trim, water etc. and all of this labor is very healthy for your body. As compared with other outdoor activities, gardening involves adequate amount of physical work that does not discourage people from continuing it.

Emotional Connection

When you put so much effort into something, you develop an emotional connection with it. Urban farmers feel pride in the little berries they grow and joyfully trade them with other farmers. You feel like you did something great and your mood automatically turns better.

Better Health

What we eat has a lot to do with our brain and sentiments. Eating freshly produced food is super healthy and refreshing and gives our body ample nutrition to fight stress and fatigue. Many city dwellers eat takeout food and frozen food almost on daily basis and that does not provide them necessary nutrients. The fruits and vegetables you eat from your home grown garden improve your appetite as well.

Urban gardening has proven positive effects on your body and mental health and in this deeply stressed out lifestyle that most of us have, these small urban farms can provide an outlet to create something good and let go of unnecessary burden.

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