Most Inspiring Urban Farms from Around the World


The media keeps talking about the climate change and the food shortage and rarely speaks about people who are trying hard to find sustainable food solutions. They are using innovative ways to grow food in urban areas which is absolutely healthy, affordable and accessible. This urban farming movement is gaining momentum in every corner of the world and these urban farms deserve applause. Here are four such inspiring farms that are striving for a greener and healthier Earth:

Sky Green Farms in Singapore

Singapore is a modern city-state filled with sky touching buildings and among this highly urban state stands a vertical farm made of steel structure thirty feet high. This vertical farm produces nearly a ton of vegetables each day. Singapore is in dire need of such farms as it only produces 7% of the vegetables consumed. This particular farm currently produces three kinds of vegetables but will soon produce even more. It is looking forward to expand and provide enough food for the locals to be fully self sufficient. Local shoppers prefer veggies from this farm as they are very fresh.

Roots on the Rooftop in New Orleans

This modern urban farm is one of a kind using aeropanic vertical towers to grow food on roofs. The aeropanic vertical towers have water, air and nutrients being supplied continuously which speeds up the growth of vegetables. Housed on the roof of Rouses Market, it is currently growing herbs like basil, parsley and cilantro which are sold fresh in the market. It is an effort of a company named AMPS and the store who wanted to grow fresh food in innovative cost effective ways. This venture has helped New Orleans become the leading hub of emerging urban farming innovators.

Local Garden in Vancouver

This innovative local farm in the heart of Vancouver is producing big amounts of food at surprisingly fast rates. The system involves 3000 trays on a converter belt and the produce is four times more than that of field grown crops. They are growing kale, baby greens and other such green leaf produce. The whole process takes around 18-24 days and the produce is handpicked and supplied to local restaurants on the same day. This faster transport enables veggies to retain their vitamins and nutrients. It is built on multistorey car parking on the famous Richard Street.

The Greenhouse Project in New York City

This initiative started as a result of partnership between parents and educators from New York Sun Works that creates scientific labs in schools. This 1400 square feet hydroponic urban farm not only grows food but also serves as a classroom for children who want to learn more about food and farming. It has so far seen 1200 participants from various age groups getting hands on experience and motivation to grow their own food. It is a great initiative to educate the youth about the need of sustainable and environment friendly food solutions.

There are many other innovative projects that are promoting urban farming in densely populated cities. From Wisconsin to Tokyo, more and more individuals are realizing the massive benefits they can reap with innovative farming and help reverse the adverse effects of climate change.

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