Growing Your Food in Your Own Backyard (Part 2)


Vegetable growing at home has become quite a common homesteading skill these days. People have switched from grocery shopping to organic production of vegetables and fruits. It is a good practice because it cuts down a number of expenses as well as improves health of your family. It is because the food products are fresher at home.

Those who want to make a good living out of it tend to grow vegetables on a larger scale and have been seen make good fortune for their efforts. All in all it is quite a useful practice to grow vegetables at home both financially as well as health wise.

If you’re planning a vegetable garden of your own, here are some useful tips and tricks that will help you produce the healthiest and fully flavored vegetables for your friends, family and vendors.

Continuing from we left last time, here are some more tips on how you can be a champ in growing your own food.

Designing a Gourmet Garden

A gourmet garden is a useful and interesting homesteading skill when it comes to vegetable production. It is easy and doesn’t take too much of effort. However, there are some simple tips and tricks that can make it more convenient for you to design you own gourmet garden to help you with improving productivity as well as flavor from your vegetables.

Raised Beds

Installing raised beds is good option especially for gourmet gardens. Raised beds are much easier to tend and they have loads of more soil which is quite useful for the plant from nutritional point of view. You can raise fence around the bed for safety as well.

Plant Green Vegetables

Green vegetables have quite a significance as they help in reducing weight and are hygienically great. If you can grow them in your backyard, there is nothing possibly better. Green vegetables tend to grow at high speed. Within a month you can harvest the first lot.

If you are smart enough to leave an inch stub over the surface, you can have two more rounds of harvesting so it quite a fair deal for your efforts in tending this green garden. There are wide variety of seeds to choose from. We recommend you to go for California Spicy Salad Mix and Baby mesclun.

Go for Under-planting

To increase production and preserve vegetables for a longer time, you should go for under-planting. Make use of the space as much as possible. Having produced more vegetables than needed can allow you to sell them in your neighborhood as well. You might even be able to start a business on your own just by under-planting.

Grow what you want

The sense of ownership of a vegetable garden is just amazing. What is more amazing is that you can grow whatever you wish to. It gives you a great chance pf experimenting with different types of seeds and vegetables which are rare in the market. Look for unusual seeds and herbs and grow them in your backyard. There is quite a long list of unusual seeds you can choose from.

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