Growing Your Food in Your Own Backyard (Part 1)


Homesteading is a trending idea these days. People are now switching to home passed products for a healthier lifestyle. The idea of homesteading is not just taken up by people as a hobby. In fact they have taken it to the next level where they have even started businesses after mastering some useful homesteading skills.

Eating habits have a direct effect on our lives. If we eat healthy and fresh, things stay in order for most of the time. What could be a fresher ingredient than a freshly picked vegetable from your own backyard?

That’s right, in this article we will discuss some useful home gardening and farming technique so that you can have a vegetable garden of your own. In this way you can ensure that you and your family eat from the freshest ingredients all the time.

Not only your backyard, you can grow some of these vegetables inside your room which will also be an attractive addition to your place.

Growing Vegetables in Pots

There is a long list of vegetables that you can grow in pots so it depends on what you choose to grow at home. Whatever you decide, here are some recommendations that can help you grow these vegetables effectively in pots.

Choose Simpler Crops

Not all crops are easy to tend and grow so we suggest you start with the simpler ones. One of the easiest crops are the cherry tomatoes. Thyme, rosemary and basil are other herbs which are quite easy to grow in pots so you can start off with them.

Go for Vertical Growth

To avoid your vegetables from sprawling, it is a good idea to grow them vertically. You can grow them in a basket that hangs higher so that the vine hangs downwards and do not get sprawled in one another. Sprawling can lead to breakage so it is better to keep a closer look at it.

Choose the Right-Sized Pots

You should know the size of your vegetables. Before planting the seeds, decide a decent sized pot for your vegetable. Go for deeper and lengthier pots which are deep and wide. It allows the roots to spread and also extract more nutrients as the amount of soil is also greater in larger pots.

Regular Harvest

Make sure you don’t stop after one lot. The process of harvesting should be continued. Do not just stand admiring your fruit laden crops but go for further production. You can snip the herbs and bunch them with rubber band. Hang them inside and use later.

Allow Maximum Sun Light Exposure

Place your pots in place where there is ample amount of sunlight. Your plants get good nutritional content such as vitamins from sun. Make sure to use lighter pots so that it is easily movable and portable. Also make sure you don’t end up burning your plants due to excessive sunlight.

Good Luck!

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