Cool ideas to make homesteading work for super busy people


For people who are super busy, we bring to you the homesteading ideas that are easy and require less time. We strongly believe that you don’t have to change your work routine in order to live a more self-sustained life. This article has 5 of the most effective way to get you started.

Size it the right way:

When you start living a self-sustained life, don’t try to do everything at once. This is specially important for people who have a a full-time job plus other non negotiable commitments in life. Many experts say that it took them years to completely transform their lifestyles. So, don’t try to build Rome in a single day. To kick start, the best idea would be to start a small garden not more than 4 x 8 feet. Of course, this garden won’t be meeting all your food requirements but it would be a good start. Grow the easiest vegetable or food to start with and expand as you grow.

Form Alliances:

This is also important as you begin to grow. Your vegetable garden will soon start producing enough to meet your needs and then you might start producing extra. Preserving the food can be tough and this is where we suggest that you look for a partner. Someone who can take your excess produce in exchange of something useful to you. For example, you can exchange your home grown, excessive tomatoes with a local chef for a fresh supply of cooked food or something else.


This is a good way to preserve food. However it requires you to show some patience and a little research. In return, what you get is healthier food throughout the year.

For more on the process of lacto-fermentation, read this.


By micro-flock we mean raising 3 – 8 laying hens. The benefit of that goes far beyond just delicious, fresh eggs and white meat. Your micro-flock can act as a great source of biomass recyclers, entertainers, compost pile turners, pest eliminators, fuel free garden tillers, tick annihilators and more. Do we really need anything else?
Having said that, there are some important things to consider before you bring these feathered beauties in your backyard.

Experts say that keeping hens is harder than keeping a cat but easier than keeping a dog. So, research a little before you make a decision.

Do your own cleanings

The benefits or modern homesteading just doesn’t stop at giving you the natural home grown food but it also enables you to do a lot of things at home, which means less dependency on the world.

The DIY lifestyle has hundreds of tip and tricks to do almost everything at home. One such tip is to use ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide to clean almost everything in your house.

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