8 More Urban Farming Projects to Look Out For


Urban farms are mushrooming across cities all around the world and are starting to provide a great percentage of produce to their own communities. According to USDA, 15 percent of all food is provided by urban farms. There have been so many inspiring stories and innovative projects focusing on urban farming that one can foresee that much of the food in future will perhaps be grown in urban areas and that cities will be self sufficient and healthy.

Here are 8 such projects working hard to produce food in their cities:


Baltimore Urban Gardening for Students or BUGS is an after school program for children from less advantaged backgrounds in Baltimore, Maryland. The children get to learn about urban farming through visits to local farms alongside learning about new innovations in farming. It is a fantastic project that is creating future urban farmers for the city of Baltimore.

2. Canberra City Farm

Canberra City Farm is building up a community of urban farmers for its city through learning. People learn about sustainable food solutions and participate in a collaborative environment. People meet every month at Turner Garden where they have established the capital’s first ever urban farm.

3. Ferme de Paris

Situated in a public park in Paris, this urban garden is well constructed and accommodates vegetable gardens, medicinal gardens and even farm animals. It welcomes the local people to volunteer as well and is providing Parisians a way to grow their own food.

4. Local Sprout

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Local Sprout is an urban farm providing fresh produce to the local community with their health and environmental impact in mind. They use a hydroponic system for growing veggies all round the year. They are helping educate locals about food security and modern farming.

5. The People’s Potato

This initiative in Montreal, Canada is a neighborhood effort for providing locals a space to grow food and distribute it among members of the community. They also have an educational workshop every month to pass on their agenda to new members and also host an affordable program named Good Food Box.

6. Compost Pedallers

Based in Austin, Texas, Compost Pedallers is a unique initiative that uses purely bike powered compost recycling. Their motto is to create food abundance, reduce waste and help connect local communities. Through this network the residents forward their waste to local farms that benefit from the compost.

7. Pasona O2

Pasona O2 is a farm in Tokyo, Japan, producing myriads of vegetables out of a 9 story high building. They use intensive technology to grow food indoors, outdoors or on the walls, basically utilizing every surface of this building. It is a great project providing Tokyo residents with fresh home grown produce.

8. Roosevelt Row Growhouse

Started by a pair of artists, Roosevelt Row Growhouse used an abandoned, old property in Phoenix, Arizona and turned it into a learning center for urban farmers. Local residents of Phoenix learn a great deal about growing desert vegetables and creating healthy food.

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