Urban Farming not Just a Dream Anymore


There was a time when farming was only associated with the rural areas, the small villages were known for farming. Now there is a complete new dimension to this field i.e. farming and this new dimension is farming in developed and technologically sound cities.

Farming in Cities

If you are residing in a city and want to raise ducks, chickens and turkeys, there is nothing to worry because now you can do it quite easily. There are just a few things to consider before moving on with this idea of poultry farming. The most important thing to consider is the ordinance governing the livestock in your city which does or does not allow poultry farming.

By searching a bit over the internet you can easily find out what the livestock ordinance of your city considers to be appropriate or inappropriate. Whether it permits the poultry farming or not and if it does, what animals does it permit to raise.  Your research will also tell you the consequences of not following this ordinance.

Advantages of Urban Farming

There are quite a few advantages of the urban farming with the most important being the realization of the connection that you have with the planet Earth. When you are able to grow crops and raise animals just in your garden, it brings a realization of where our food sources comes from.

Then when you have the option of growing or raising what you want near you, nothing could be better. The urban farming empowers the cities to produce their own food sources in abundance and not to look towards the rural areas for these sources. Then the food that you will get from the urban farming will be fresher since it will not be covering long transportation distances.

When considering the possibilities, they are just endless. You can grow whatever you need just outside your house in the space of your garden. Whether you want strawberries or vegetables for eating or even selling your home grown stuff, urban farming has something for everyone. Similarly you can be self sufficient in producing eggs or meat for your consumption or for the purpose of selling with the help of urban farming.

Be aware of the soil

There is just a minor issue though that is attached to the urban farming and that is, understanding the condition of the soil that is in your garden or in your city and what plants and vegetables can be grown on that particular soil. But the solution to this issue is a pretty simple one and that is to research where your city falls in the Plant Hardiness Zone Map. This will give you an idea what crops and plants to grow at your soil.

In the End

There was a time when urban farming was just considered to be a dream for the people living in developed and big cities, but such is not the case anymore. Cities have become self sufficient in urban farming and are benefitting from it quite a lot.

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