Urban Farming: A Step towards a Greener Future


Farming used to be associated only with the rural areas but this concept is slowly but gradually coming towards the urban areas as well. Although the rural conditions are tailor made for farming but it does not mean that it cannot be done in the urban setup.

Urban Farming

We have now seen quite a few examples of urban farming being done around us and one of its examples is the rooftop garden at the Inter Continental New York Barclay Hotel. The garden is contributing a lot towards a greener environment and at the same time is located on one of the most renowned structure of one of the most developed city.

Approximately there are around seven billion people in the world and there is a need to feed them as well. They cannot survive without eating, therefore the agricultural products that are consumed for eating are never enough and we will have to find ways to increase their production. If we restrict farming only to the rural areas we will not be able to produce the sufficient amount of food that is required.

Benefits of Urban Farming

The trend of urban farming is settling in at a pretty rapid pace because of the benefits it has on offer. Some of the benefits of urban farming are mentioned below.

  • The food is more local
  • Being able to grow what you need near where you live
  • Decrease in the transportation cost
  • The food will be more fresh
  • Encourage to eat in season

The biggest advantage of urban farming is that it adds greenery to highly developed and technologically advanced cities, which is a rarity. The shades are hard to find in cities but with urban farming there will be more shading in the cities. With more trees you can increase the chances of countering the unpleasant effect of the heat island. Another advantage of urban farming is that it enables people to reconnect more with the Earth and appreciate where our food comes from.

Attract Tourist with Urban Farming

With the rooftop and the patio gardens there is a high probability of attracting more tourist or increase tourism and then these gardens also create a peaceful atmosphere and a nice place to relax.  There is another factor that adds to the value of urban farming and that is it can bring job opportunities to depressed and underserved urban areas.

Final Thought

Although there is a long way to go towards a greener world but if urban farming is taken up seriously it can contribute a great deal in this noble cause. The urban farming is taking place in most of the developed cities around the globe but it is happening slowly than what we need. The planners are considering more and more options in speeding up this process, but still there is a long way to go. If you are an optimistic you can say that a day will come where we will witness a greener world through urban farming.

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