Urban Farming: A few Obstacles


Does urban farming sounds cool to you? If your answer is yes you must read on this article. In this piece we will be covering some roadblocks that you may face before starting urban farming.

1- Zoning and legal issues

When starting an urban farm it is important that you keep all the legal issues in mind. As a common saying goes, it is better to ask for permission than forgiveness. We would recommend our readers to check with your local municipality on laws regarding growing your own food on a piece of land. The roadblock within the roadblock here is that you might find the authorities totally unaware of any such thing as an “urban farm”. So, be prepared to answer a few questions and explain them what you’re up to.

2- Hidden laws

Some cities have laws in place that prohibits the use of urban land for any agriculture activities. This includes growing your own food or keeping animals or livestock. These laws are usually hidden and not practiced but can be quickly enforced on a single complain from the neighbors.   

3- Urban farming for profit

Some cities also put restrictions on businesses being run and governed from home. These types of businesses have to be declared. If you are thinking about starting a urban farm, in a residential area and that too with an aim to earn some profit, you might first better get a permit from local authorities before you face bigger problems in the future.

4- Structures

It is pretty evident that for building a farm in your backyard or any other place you need to have green houses or tunnels. These structures are no doubt temporary but may cause problems, especially if they are big and noticeable. To install a structure, whether permanent or not that is bigger than a specific size, you need to get a permit. Don’t take this lightly as you might have to take it down completely (which means ruining your farm).

5- Water Supply

Most urban farms can survive on normal water supply but when you are growing a bigger farm or thinking about growing a lots of stuff you might face water supply problems. Using water for domestic purpose only generally means a small volume of money per each house. Utility companies can easily spot higher than normal water consumption and you may have to answer some questions. The solution to this is get another supply of water. Research for the companies other than the government owned that are in the water supply business.

6- Security

Once you have taken care of everything and started growing your own food in the backyard, you may realize that people around you will be more interested in your stuff. If you’re growing things like pineapple, watermelon, etc you are at a risk of theft. People usually take it lightly and won’t even realize that they are stealing when plucking one of the fruits from your garden.

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