Some Really Unique Urban Farming Ideas (Part 1)


It is always a great feeling to see food growing right before your eyes. Being able to eat your home grown food is even better a feeling. In previous days, it wasn’t all that easy for urban people to get a taste of urban farming but thankfully enough urban farming has now started to flourish more than ever before. This is one reason that you will find some amazing urban farming ideas popping up every now and then.

Most of the ideas come from those who have tried out different food growing techniques. It enables them to experiment and if they succeed, they tell the entire world about it which is a good thing. In this article, we have for you some amazing urban farming ideas that you can adopt for your home and turn it into a beautiful home-garden of yours.

These ideas are a classic integration of technology with farming and you will be surprised to find out how effective they have been.


These are unique and tiny garden that can grow on your desks in the office or at home. It is a nice integration of greeting cards and functional growing of vegetables. These are probably a great gift to farming lovers leaving them with a greener memory of their loved ones. The best thing about these cards is that they even be mailed through post so the next time you post a greeting card, make sure its green.


Ever wondered of playing FarmVillle in real life? MyFarm is a real farm located in UK that allows you to manage your farm as you like. More than 10,000 online users can coordinate with the farm manager who will take measures as per the instructions of these online farmers. The farm is equipped with all necessary livestock and vegetables so it is the real deal. It will cost $47 annually which is not too high considering how much money some people spend on virtual farming games. It is a great educational step and youth seems to be highly involved in it which is a good sign.

Farm Shop

It is a team that is making efforts to integrate urban farmers together. The farmers bring their grown food to this shop for selling and the more interesting part of this project is yet to be discussed. Farm: Shop has integrated fish farming with food growth in an interesting way. The water used by the fish is used to feed the crops. Harmful materials inside the water may be dangerous to the fish but they have high nutritional content for the crops. Hence there is minimum amount of water that goes into waste.

Merry Projects

These are tiny garden projects launched in Japan. Merry projects are quite different from conventional urban farming because these farms are grown in nothing but bottle caps. They are ideal for smaller herbs and can be grown in a small shelf. A Merry project kit is available for just $2.

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