Some Really Unique Urban Farming Ideas (Part 2)


Urban farming has progressed and come a long way in a short time. It has revolutionized and become more of a market in the modern world and there are more companies turning to urban farming than ever before. The best part about it is that there are some cool urban farming ideas that now integrate technology as its primary feature.

Gone are the days when we wondered that farming has nothing to do with technology. You will be amazed to find out how productive this integration of farming and technology has become and that the future of farming lies in the hands of technology.

As we talk about farming and technology, here we have some more urban farming ideas prevalent in the world as we speak.

Pasona O2

This is just the example we have been talking about earlier. Have you ever heard of light emitting diodes contributing to farming? I presume you haven’t but with Pasona O2, this has become a reality. They converted an underground vault into a lovely little green farm.

Different types of fruits, veggies and rice are being farmed in these gardens through Metal halide lamps. The workers in these farms are young farmers. One drawback of this farm is that it uses great amount of energy to produce the food but it still remains an innovation in the eyes of farming experts.

Vertical Farming

The idea is probably the most expensive one that we have discussed up till now in the first and the second part of our article. Yet it is one for the future and with some workout, there is more room for cost cutting in future. Vertical farms will change your perception about farming and the idea suggests that you can have high rise farms which would require lesser horizontal space. They become an ideal candidate for urban areas where there may not be enough fertile lands for growing food.

Big Box Farms

This company builds farms inside warehouses. They have a special rack technology that allows you to build several storey farms. The best part about these farms is that they greatly reduce water consumption, the need of fertilizers and pesticides for the food so it is more hygienic. It can be a bit costly but the overall product quality is just too good.

Green Potato

This company named NTT started the Green Potato project in the effort to grow sweet potatoes in abandoned and wasted places. It grew potatoes on roof tops. The best part about growing sweet potatoes is that firstly, they are sweet and secondly they can bear tough weather conditions. Hence they can be grown easily on the roofs of high rise buildings without too much of a worry. The project is currently running in Tokyo and the company aims to expand this to other buildings in the years to come.

Ready to Plant Mats

If you are not too fond of digging the soil and planting seeds by yourself, you will love these ready to plant mats from Amber’s Garden. This amazing mat comes with planted seeds. All you have to do is place them in your garden and of course, water them. You can even cut the mats to create a tiny garden for yourself.

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