Some cool vegetables to grow indoors


Indoor farming comes with its benefits as you grown your own vegetables and fruits that are fully organic and delicious. It is important t know what you can and cannot grow indoors. You would be surprised to find out that some of the most common vegetables can be easily grown in your garden or terrace. There is specific growing climate for each vegetable that must be kept in mind. Here are some vegetable you can try growing in-doors:


Radishes are root crops that root crops generally require depth in the ground which is less plausible in doors. However, radishes that are round shaped can easily be cultivated in doors in boxes or troughs. You should sow seeds between late winter and early autumn and they just take up to 25 days to grow.


Yes, you can grow this most common and multipurpose vegetable in doors. The seed tubers can be grown is big pots or plastic sacks. When planting the seeds in the tubers, leave a little room at the opening for more compost to be added to give them more minerals to help develop. If using a sack, you can roll down the top of the sack and roll it up as and when needed.


The reason why mushrooms make a good choice for growing indoors is that they can be grown all round the year. You can even find special compost bags with mushroom spawns and just water them before leaving them in a dark place inside your house. The temperature requirement is 10 to 15ÂșC.

If you cannot find the said compost bags, you can even make your own compost using straw and an activator. Just put the mixture in a plastic bucket or any other sterile container. When the mixture losses the heat and starts to turn into compost, it is time to add the spawn. Your mushrooms should start cropping in a few weeks.

Peas and beans

This is yet another that is good for growing in late winter. Dwarf French beans, dwarf broad beans and dwarf runner beans all make good in-door growing vegetables. The tall runne rbeans growing on string up the sides of a sunny conservatory can add a charming beauty to your house in addition to being useful for cooking. The pods should be picked when they are young, juicy and soft. Their color will be extra vibrant.


You can grow beautiful tomatoes of different kinds right at your home. Tomatoes of course is a universal vegetable used in almost every cuisine. So you can never really go wrong with tomatoes. They easily grow under a little sunlight. You can grow them directly be sowing seeds or by using small plantlets. Pendant varieties like Tumbler tomatoes can be grown in window boxes and hanging baskets. The train cordon varieties like sweet million potatoes are ideal for growing on canes or strings. They will produce tasty and juicy tomatoes for several months.

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