Some Cool Fruits to Grow Indoors


The idea of home gardening is always an interesting one. Especially, when you have a bit of know how about planting. Also, it’s not too big a deal to grow your own food in the backyard. The idea is getting general acceptance so why don’t you take up the shovel and plant some of the most delicious fruits in our home.

We have for you some easy to grow fruits that you can plant all by yourself. Not only will they be a good leisure time activity, their nutritious content and delicious flavor will tempt you to plant more of those with time. Make your favorite jams and jellies, use them in pies and puddings or simply eat them fresh and juicy.

Meyer Lemon Tree

How about a tiny lemon tree inside your house? Well, you can have your very own lemon tree without too much of a hassle and the best thing about it is that it will give you some juicy lemons over a period of just two months. You can buy a small tree from the market or even grow it from scratch. They can fit inside small pots so you can farm them even on your dining table.


Fig tress are said to produce more fruit if their roots are given more space underneath. Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow them inside your house. Negro Largo, a type of fig tree does particularly well for indoor plantation.

If your flat doesn’t receive direct sunlight, this plant won’t be too flustered by the situation. All you have to do is feed it time to time and the results will be amazingly delicious figs.

Watermelon Vines

There is no comparison to the juiciness of a watermelon. Well, if some fruit has 95% of water content, no one can compete with it when it comes to being juicy. Watermelon vies are easy to grow inside your house and they do not require intensive care unlike some other fruits.

Watermelons grow best outdoors but if you are short on space, you can even grow them inside reasonably sized pots indoors.

Pineapple Trees

Well, if you’re thinking that it’s a joke, let us tell you that you can actually grow pineapples inside your home. Sometimes, the best things are the easiest to achieve and so is the case with pineapples. Much to our astonishment, pineapples are really suitable for growing inside pots. All you need is a little bit of guidance about pineapple planting and you will be in for some really tasty tropical fruits.


How could we ever forget these little red, juicy and mouth watering strawberries. Just the idea of getting your hands on freshly ripe strawberries and feeling its tangy taste in your mouth is tempting enough to get you to buy the seeds for planting inside pots.


This is a special plant which can take a bit of time to produce fruits. Just a mere 10 years not more. Therefore, you are better off purchasing a dwarf plant which should be organically raised. Place it in a large pot. Mulberries are long berry shaped fruits and ripe in summer.

You never thought you will be able to grow your own food with so much ease did you?

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