Tiny Houses


What is it Like to Live in Houses on Wheels?

As much as adventurous it is to live in tiny houses, it can be equally challenging. It is nothing like living in a normal house. The weather, conditions, living style, everything is quite different in…


Dad, Mom & a Teenager in 160 sq. ft. Apartment

It’s more of a trend living in tiny houses these days. The urban population has realized the significance of getting closer to nature and leaving luxurious lifestyles for a much more enjoyable living experience in…


DIY Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are on the rise as people are searching for ways to live simpler. There’s definitely an adjustment period to successfully transition from a regular home to a tiny one, but still, those devoted…

seaside tiny house

Is bigger really better?

Something is wrong when a professional earning A$170,000 cannot afford to live close to work; or a doctor needs a parental loan to buy a house. All 25 major urban housing markets in Australia are…

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