Off Grid


Sustainable Living Tips – Part I

There is no time like the current time to start thinking about the way we live and the way we consume things. Human activities are the sole cause of climate change and the horrendous affects…


Minimalist Lifestyle: Top Benefits

Today’s world is obsessed with quantity and is forgetting the wonders of quality. We tend to pride ourselves of material things and consume as much as we can. This only leads to stress, anxiety and…


Essentials of Living Off the Grid (Part II)

Electricity and water are two very basic amenities and going off the grid these should be your first priority. However, there are few more essential things you need to find in order to complete your…


Essentials of Living Off the Grid (Part I)

How often does it happen that a big part of your paycheck goes to paying utility bills? Even living in small houses is getting expensive day by day and it can get frustrating. For this…

seaside tiny house

living off-the-grid with zero money – Part II

This is the second part of our series “living off-the-grid with zero money” Living independently, all by yourself and completely off-the-grid might sound interesting but it is not easy. You need a lot of preparation,…

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