August 2016


RV Life VS Van Life

One of the dilemmas you face when you have decided to live small and hit the road is the big question, whether to get an RV or a van? Fundamentally, they are quite similar but…


Minimalist Lifestyle: Top Benefits

Today’s world is obsessed with quantity and is forgetting the wonders of quality. We tend to pride ourselves of material things and consume as much as we can. This only leads to stress, anxiety and…


Doing Urban Farming for Profit

Isn’t it amazing doing what you like and making money off it? Many people across the globe are doing just that with urban farming. These new farms are popping across many urban areas and are as…


Why We Should Live in a Van?

Don’t you want a story to tell your grand kids? Don’t you want to have a romantic tale about meeting your other half? Don’t you want to see the sun falling into the mountains? Don’t…


Few Important Questions about Van Life

If you are thinking about living and traveling around in a van, there must be a dozen questions popping up in your mind. And that is a good thing because finding the answers to those…


Urban Farming: Needs and Challenges

A growing number of cities are seeing a boom in urban farming as living costs are going up. For some it is a hobby that saves them money, keeps them busy and healthy. But it…


Some Creative Trends Emerging in Urban Farming

People are really putting their thinking caps on and getting creative with urban farming. The hefty food prices and not so fresh produce is making people leap towards it. Crops are being grown in empty…

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