May 2016

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All about planning for your tiny house

Planning before building your tiny house is crucial. If you plan your tiny house well, it will turn out to be best. Even before you start to think about the design of your house, there…


Are Your Ready for Homesteading?

You must be familiar with the growing interest in homesteading. It’s something that was meant to happen and it did for the good of the society. A lot of people have taken up homesteading in…


The Perks of Urban Farming

The trend was set in during the world war times and it has been taken to a whole new level. Urban farming is considered as the way forward as far as agriculture is concerned. With…


Tiny House Sites For Your Vacation

If you have an obsession for tiny houses and you want to run straight to natural living, we have some of the best ideas for tiny houses in the year 2016. These tiny house designs…


What Makes Tiny Houses Perfect for You

In the modern age of industries and urban development, it’s quite unthinkable of man to give up the luxuries of life and turn to a more organic lifestyle. However, don’t be surprised when we say…

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