All About Beautifying Your Tiny House

Do not think your tiny house cannot be a stylish space just because it is small. Yes, decorating a small space filled with stuff may be a tricky one but not impossible. And since tiny…


Sustainable Living Tips – Part II

The journey to adopting a sustainability driven lifestyle is not an easy one but the rewards make it worth it. All you need is a little commitment and a little bit of patience, and you…


Sustainable Living Tips – Part I

There is no time like the current time to start thinking about the way we live and the way we consume things. Human activities are the sole cause of climate change and the horrendous affects…


RV Life VS Van Life

One of the dilemmas you face when you have decided to live small and hit the road is the big question, whether to get an RV or a van? Fundamentally, they are quite similar but…


Minimalist Lifestyle: Top Benefits

Today’s world is obsessed with quantity and is forgetting the wonders of quality. We tend to pride ourselves of material things and consume as much as we can. This only leads to stress, anxiety and…


Doing Urban Farming for Profit

Isn’t it amazing doing what you like and making money off it? Many people across the globe are doing just that with urban farming. These new farms are popping across many urban areas and are as…

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