8 Very Obvious Benefits of DIY Lifestyle

Doing stuff yourself has so many benefits that we should especially take out time from our busy lives and make things ourselves. The internet is literally brimming with project ideas and one look around your…

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7 Unique & Simple DIY Projects

The DIY movement has taken the internet by storm and really gotten people to get up and get their creativity into motion. From home d├ęcor to designing machines, there are so many avenues for doing…


Top Reasons Why People Start Living In Vans

We have come across van dwellers from all walks of life and while most of them shared the same spirit for van dwelling, their reasons behind it varied greatly. It is easy to pigeonhole van…


Tiny House or Camper?

Tiny living aspirants many times run into one of the most common quandaries of the tiny living world: should I get a tiny house or a camper? While tiny houses are essentially houses, campers and…

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